What is the process, from applying to learning of the decision?

Organizations can apply through the Survey Monkey Apply site during the month of February.  The firm deadline for receipt of all applications is midnight, February 28, 2020 (Pacific Time). After the application deadline has closed, your application will be reviewed by the Outer Peace Review Committee in the store to which you applied.  All applicants will be notified of our final decisions by 1 August, 2020.

Do you require charitable status or equivalent to apply?

The requirement of charitable status can be a barrier to many great projects receiving grants.  We remove that barrier and do not require charitable status; rather we seek a demonstration of your values and a commitment to your mission.  For it is that which is of central importance.

What level of financial support can my project receive?

Through the Grant Program, Arc’teryx can provide financial support up to a maximum of $2,500 CAD/$1,800 USD/£1,450 GBP/16,750 NOK. As part of our application process you will be asked to submit a budget that demonstrates how you intend to use the funds. We trust your judgement on the best use of the funds and therefore provide them without restriction.  If you need them to support your operating expenses, great.  If you need them to support a specific project, equally great.  Our ask is simply that you present a compelling case for the work you wish to pursue with the grant.

Is it okay to ask for the maximum amount allowed?

We value your judgement and expect you to ask for the amount needed for the proposal to be successful.  Wherever possible we seek to fund the entire amount requested.

Can I request a donation of gear instead of financial support?

Our Grant Program is our mechanism to provide direct financial support to those requiring it.  We are able to explore the possibility of supporting our partners with gear outside the Grant Program.  If this is of interest, we would invite you to make a connection with our local store teams to explore how we might partner.

Can I submit multiple applications?

To provide fair opportunity to each organization within your community, we ask that you apply for a single grant to a single store within your community. If you have chapters in multiple geographic locations, each chapter can submit a single grant application to a single store within their local community.

Can I make changes after I submit my application?

Unfortunately you cannot make changes to the application once it has been submitted.

Who reviews the applications?

Our Review Committees are formed from Arc’teryx staff. Please keep in mind that Committee members who review your application may or may not be familiar with your organization and the proposal you have submitted; we ask that you are specific in the details of your application and that you use plain language.

How will you assess my application?

In the interests of transparency, below are our criteria for assessing the applications we receive.  These criteria are a reflection of the values we hold and are based on the insights we have gained from observing successful initiatives.  We place equal importance on each criteria.

Our assessment is based on five areas:

  1. To what extent does the proposal seek to understand and meet the needs of the people it intends to serve? In essence, to what extent does the proposal apply human-centred design?
  2. To what extent does the proposal advance equity and inclusion within the work being pursued and within the organizational culture?
  3. To what extent does the proposal foster connection with our team, our guests, and the community we share?
  4. How impactful is our involvement in this proposal?
  5. Does the proposal and organization have a strong prospect of achieving sustained impact?

How is funding distributed for successful grants?

Funding will be distributed once a signed Grant Agreement and invoice have been provided. You will receive full funding within a few weeks of us having received the signed agreement.

Are there any reporting requirements?

Yes, it’s imperative that we assess the impact of our commitment to removing the barriers that deny people who have been traditionally marginalized their connection to Outer Peace.

We heard your requests to make our process light in terms of resources, but meaningful in terms of what it captures.  We’ve attempted to design a process that achieves these goals.

The intent of the assessment is twofold; 1. to support our partners to gain insights on the success and opportunities to be found in their work, and 2. to hold ourselves accountable to our commitments and to help advocate for Arc’teryx to make ever greater commitments to supporting the work our great partners, such as you, undertake.

What do successful applications have in common?

Competition for a grant will be challenging. Successful applications are often those that can clearly articulate the vision for the grant and the goals attached to it.  Be sure your application does not rely on the use of acronyms or jargon and instead favor plain language.

The truly successful applications are those that center the needs of the people they intend to serve in their work. The deeper this commitment shows within your work the more compelling your application will be.

I'm experiencing some technical difficulties, please can I have assistance

Depending on the nature of your query, either Arc'teryx or Survey Monkey Apply will be happy to assist.  To obtain the support you require, select the information icon at the top of the page.  You can then select which of the 3 options is most relevant to your query.